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Environmentally friendly manufacturing

We believe that sustainability is important for the manufacturing sector and have always invested in researching industrial solutions that reduce the environmental impact of our activities and products.

We have chosen to power our company with solar energy. Thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels that allow us to cover almost all of our energy needs, we have drastically reduced our energy consumption from non-renewable sources and consequently our CO2 emissions.

Our actions for sustainable knitwear production are not limited to the choice of energy sources. Elle Emme is located in the centre of Tuscany’s textile district, one of Italy’s most important manufacturing areas. This means that we can count on a real zero-kilometers supply chain. We carry out most of the processing directly in our factory, but if necessary we collaborate with companies located a short distance away. In this way we minimise the CO2 emissions related to the transport of goods and materials and at the same time enhance the professionalism of our region.

Finally, we are convinced that saving energy is not enough. In fact, we are aware that the choice of raw materials is fundamental to creating a truly sustainable supply chain. This is why, for some years now, we have chosen to include in our collections garments made of regenerated yarns or produced from recycled plastics, to avoid waste and favour a circular economy. Our research and development activities are also constantly oriented towards experimenting with eco-friendly materials and processes, to constantly improve our environmental footprint.




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