Our values: craftsmen, people, territory

Our family and our craftsmen are the heart of the Elle Emme artisan knitwear factory, a company made up of people and strongly rooted in the territory.
We take pride in our work and put certain core values first:

respect for people and their work: our products would not exist without the
our craftsmen and their work, which is why we strive every day for a place of
harmonious work.

respect for the environment: we constantly strive to reduce the impact
environment of our activity, through the use of renewable energy sources and
favouring the use of regenerated or eco-friendly yarns.

respect for the territory: maintaining a stable production chain is important
to preserve professionalism and knowledge that would otherwise risk disappearing. This is why we work with companies that are part of our territory, producing in a way that is not only sustainable but also responsible.

respect for the customer: we establish a personal relationship of trust with each customer. We listen to and respect requests, while at the same time making all our experience and craftsmanship available. We are convinced that only from this interaction can the production of quality knitwear be born.




Via Terracini, 32
51031 Agliana (PT)

Tel: (+39) 0574/751224
Fax: (+39) 0574/751254
Email: info@elle-emme.it

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