[About Us]

The elegance of dressing the weather

The Elle Emme artisan knitwear factory is a family business. We have specialised in the production of knitwear for men and women since 1968.
Our activity began in the 1960s with the first productions destined for large-scale distribution, chain shops and some designer labels. Since then, we have never stopped investing in innovation and sustainability without ever forgetting tradition and craftsmanship.

Today, the Ellemme brand is a reference for those looking for medium-high quality and medium-fine craftsmanship.

We produce knitwear with a private label service, according to customer specifications, and collaborate with fashion houses to produce prototypes, samples and productions in both small and large quantities.

Simple, creative, unique: timeless style

In the 1980s, we created our first handcrafted knitwear collection made in Italy: the basic, elegant style that distinguishes the Ellemme brand was born.

Ellemme garments are characterised by minimalist simplicity, an elegance that lasts.
Versatile garments to wear individually every day, or to mix and match to create a unique and personal style.



Via Terracini, 32
51031 Agliana (PT)

Tel: (+39) 0574/751224
Fax: (+39) 0574/751254
Email: info@elle-emme.it

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