[Cosa facciamo / il basico]

for you it’s basic, for us it’s style

Elle Emme is an artisan, family-run knitwear factory in the heart of Tuscany, with over fifty years of experience in made-in-Italy.
We carefully follow your garments from weaving to packaging, conducting regular in-house checks.

We produce high-quality knitwear, processing fine wool, cashmere, mohair and alpaca yarns, with an eye on the environment.
We harness the renewable energy of our solar panels and collaborate with a km0 supply chain, consisting of companies in our district. In this way we minimise emissions and respect the environment.

Our philosophy is as simple as our garments.

Finding one’s own style is fundamental to expressing one’s personality. The basic style of Elle Emme garments allows you to experiment with endless possibilities and combinations.

Our creations are perfect for every combination. Colours and textures can be mixed with each other and with garments and accessories from your wardrobe.

We choose to bet on simplicity. The minimalist lines of Elle Emme garments can be easily adapted to any style: a simple accessory is enough to go from classic style to easy chic or to transform a casual look into a lively, non-conformist outfit.

Thanks to our experience as craftsmen and our choice of fine yarns, we make creative, quality garments that are destined to last.




Via Terracini, 32
51031 Agliana (PT)

Tel: (+39) 0574/751224
Fax: (+39) 0574/751254
Email: info@elle-emme.it

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